Stainless Steel Curds & Whey Ladle


About This Product


Stainless Steel Ladle

Large capacity and sturdy, using this ladle to collect whey from your cheese vat is easy and more efficient.


Ladle width(top) 6 3/8 in.(18cm)

Handle length: 10 in.(31.7cm)

Ladle capacity: 32 oz.(.9liter)


Shipping included within the USA.


What Our Customers Say

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    The whey ladle

    Posted by Nikolina Krstev on 21st Apr 2016

    Previously I bought from you the basket and battery operated whey strainer it 'died' after few users. I have been using a jug to take the whey. I haven't use the ladle yet but I'm sure it'll do the job extremely well. Note from Steve/TheCheeseMaker.Com: I too use the Whey Pump with great results. I will make note that when it seemed that mine died, it was really an issue of making sure no curd particles, small or large were trapped in the intake. Tap the intake bottom lightly against the side of your sink or receiving vessel which should dislodge the tiny curd particles. This usually allows the intake propeller to start up again. Remember these little pumps are made to pump pure liquid without particles getting trapped inside the intake.