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Product Two & Six Gallon Capacity Cheese Press/Stainless Steel HoopsTwo Gallon Capacity Cheese Press/Stainless Steel HoopSix Gallon Capacity Cheese Press/Stainless Steel Hoop
Image Stainless Steel Cheese PressTwo Gallon Capacity Stainless Steel Cheese PressStainless Steel Cheese Press
Price $280.00 $239.97$250.00 $199.97$265.00 $209.97
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Summary We've designed these cheese presses to be easy to use and fast to clean. They are the best cheese presses for making cheese at home that are available on the market today. After using other home chees...1. Spring loaded cheese press up to 2 gallon(7.5 liters) milk capacity.  Completely assembled. Locally made in Wisconsin-America's Dairyland.   Food-Grade Cheese Presses: Featur...Affordable, high-quality spring loaded cheese press with up to 6 gallon (22.5 liter) milk capacity. These stainless steel cheese presses are designed to be easy to use and fast to clean. The heavy-dut...
Other Short Description:
Two and six gallon capacity spring loaded cheese presses. Great for making cheese at home. Can apply up to 100lbs of pressure for making hard cheeses.

N/AShort Desciption:
Custom designed, high-quality stainless steel spring loaded cheese press can apply up to 100 pounds of pressure. Cheese press can be used to press up to 6 gallons of milk. The best cheese press on the market for making hard cheese at home.