ARN Ripening Mix (B-Linens & Geotrichum) for Wash Rind / Smear Cheeses

Washed rind and smear cheeses such as Limburger, brick, traditional Muenster, Reblochon, Taleggio

About This Product

B Linens Strain ARN 10 Dose 

Add the red color seen on cheeses like brick, Munster and Limburger using one of our available b-linens yeasts. Add color to some styles of bloomy rind cheeses.

B-linens yeast come in small packets. Use a very small amount to inoculate a small milk batch (1-10 gallons). Experiment using different strains on your homemade cheese and see the differences in color. You'll want to age these cheeses away from other cheeses, to keep any cross contamination controlled. Click on the product listing below to see the Spec Sheets.

(ARN) Brevibacterium linensorange and ivory - Arthrobacter nicotianae, geotrichum candidum: specific blend for flavor of Normandy cheese and a balanced surface flora between p. candidum and the acid-sensitive bacteria; two types of B. linens are used in ARN.

(freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Inoculation).

Kosher Certifled  Non GMO


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