Bamboo Aging Mats (Pack of 2) (Green Half Round Bamboo)

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Premium Green Half Round (Flat on Green Top with natural rounded bottom)

About This Product

Premium GREEN BAMBOO AGING MATS - Provide a clean natural surface to age your cheeses on.

Mats are 'Half Round' -  flat on Green Bamboo top with rounded natural bamboo finish underside




These natural reusable bamboo mats are great for aging your cheeses on, especially if you don't want to age your cheeses on plastic or metal. 



Bamboo draining mats sized 9.5 x 9.5 in.(24cm x 24cm). 


Can be easily washed and hung to dry. 


Allows air flow under the cheese. Wash in hot water then sanitize with our no-rinse food grade sanitizer. 



Shipping included within the USA, Puerto Rico.