3 Reasons Why Homemade Cheese is Healthier Than Store Bought

3 Reasons Why Homemade Cheese is Healthier Than Store Bought

Posted by Steve Shapson on 25th Mar 2016

When it comes to homemade, we usually think of a quality cooked meal by our mother. There’s something about knowing exactly where and how your food came to be that makes it that much more enjoyable. But this same feeling can be applied to not only meals, but the everyday foods we consume as well—cheese being one of them! Cheesemaking is one DIY activity that has wonderful rewards, and makes for an excellent gateway to all types of at home artisan cooking.

What makes cheesemaking a worthy option over purchasing at the store? Here’s 3 reasons why!

1. Its Healthy

Simply put, making cheese at home is healthy. There are none of the harmful types of preservatives, gums, and stabilizers in your homemade cheese that you might find in store bought version. Since you can control each ingredient that goes into your cheese, you get to use true organic ingredients. Cheesemaking with organic ingredients also frees you from potential pesticides, hormones, or traces of antibiotics. Further still, homemade cheese can have more protein, calcium, and vitamins  Don’t forget by controlling your ingredients, you can have your homemade cheese be more diet-friendly as well!

2. Its Easy

Don’t be put off by the thought of spending extra time to make cheese—it’s easy and rewarding! Many cheeses are simple to make at home, such as mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, feta, even Camembert and Brie. There are a few basic steps to making cheese in general, with only a little bit of tweaking to get the different varieties. Much of the process of cheesemaking involves waiting for the cultures to ripen the milk, no need to “babysit” the pot like you would think. Also, like any skill, the more you’re involved with cheesemaking at home, the faster your process will be.

3. It Saves you Money

Cheesemaking is a hobby that is fairly inexpensive to start up, and relatively cost-effective to maintain. Most of the necessary supplies needed to make cheese you may already have such as a pot, stirring or slotted spoon, and colander. There are only a few extra ingredients that are needed (which you can get here!). Also, by making your own cheese at home, the yield per batch will be far greater than what you will typically get for your money at the store. It’s a skill that pays for itself almost immediately!

What is a better hobby than one that is healthy for you and your family, easy to do, inexpensive, AND you can eat the end result? Cheesemaking proves to be an excellent choice for any at home hobbyist seeking a great new skill to pick up for the long term. The Cheesemaker offers quality ingredients, as well as exceptional customer service and advice to beginners and experts alike. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions. Happy Cheesemaking!