5 Important Sanitization Tips When Making Your Own Cheese

5 Important Sanitization Tips When Making Your Own Cheese

Posted by The CheeseMaker on 31st Jul 2018

Sanitation is extremely important during all of the cheese making steps. Good bacteria are necessary to make cheese, but you have to make sure your ingredients and equipment do not come into contact with harmful bacteria. Here are 5 sanitation tips to remember when you are making cheese:

Never Combine Vinegar and Bleach

Never mix vinegar and bleach when sanitizing your equipment. Together, bleach and vinegar make a toxic chlorine gas, so store them in separate clean containers. If you sanitize something in bleach, do not put it in vinegar, and vice versa.

Clean Before Sanitizing

Clean your workspace and all your home cheese making equipment with warm soapy water before sanitizing it. Use a high-quality scrubbing brush to ensure that you remove any leftover food and get a thorough clean. If you sanitize dirty equipment first, the bacteria will still be there, and new bacteria can be introduced when you wash it in the sink afterward.

Be Extra Careful With Pasteurized Milk

If you are making your cheese with pasteurized milk, be even more diligent about sanitizing the equipment and area. Unlike raw milk, pasteurized milk lacks beneficial bacteria that attack pathogens, so any pathogens that get into the pasteurized milk will stay there and contaminate your cheese.

Use The Microwave to Sanitize Your Cheesecloth

Do you wonder how to clean cheesecloth and sanitize it? You can wash the cheese strainer in the sink and use white vinegar to scrub away dried curds. Do not dry it and put it in the microwave for a quick way to sanitize it. You can still make cheese with a wet cheese strainer.

Avoid Rinsing Sanitized Items

Sanitizer is effective for several hours after it dries, so refrain immediately rinsing sanitized objects with boiling water to extend the protection from airborne contaminants.

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