Finding the Best Kits for the Entry Level Cheese Maker

Finding the Best Kits for the Entry Level Cheese Maker

Posted by The CheeseMaker on 22nd Aug 2018

Being able to make your own cheese is a pretty neat skill that not many people have, and it’s super easy to learn. If you’re new to the process, don’t be overwhelmed. Instead of shopping around for all your tools and ingredients, consider a cheese making kit. These kits usually contain some of the harder-to-find tools with instructions to help you get going.

What should I know before shopping?

Unlike most food-prep kits, investing in a homemade cheese kit gives you longevity. It’s not simply for one-time use. While you may have to rebuy some ingredients, most kits contain essential tools that you’ll reuse over and over again.

Also, because there are literally thousands of varieties of cheese out there, kits usually are designed to make one specific type of cheese. This allows you to experiment with different flavors and textures.

What makes a good cheese kit?

The best home cheese making kit will contain a variety of tools and ingredients to get you started. Don’t be intimidated by any of the supplies. Your kit should have instructions that explain how to use each item, so you won’t be overwhelmed. When shopping for your kit, look for kits that contain the most essential tools:

  • Cheese cultures, mold or rennet
  • A thermometer
  • Containers
  • Draining bags or cheesecloth
  • Draining mat

Some kits will contain even more tools, specific to the types of cheese you’re making. For example, a camembert kit might contain a mold that is the ideal size and shape for a typical camembert wheel of cheese.

Can I compile my own supplies?

If you’d prefer to buy all your cheese equipment separately, you can make your own cheese kit. You can also supplement your current kits with extra tools. Things like cultures and containers you’ll want to restock as you run low. To start making your own cheese, visit our store and start shopping for your ideal cheese making kit.