Must Have List of Home Cheese Making Supplies

Must Have List of Home Cheese Making Supplies

Posted by The CheeseMaker on 22nd Aug 2018

The idea of making your own cheese may seem like a daunting task, but the process can actually be quite fun and rewarding. Not to mention, you can customize your homemade cheese with ingredients you love and that have the most health benefits for you. It doesn’t take much to put together the essential cheese making supplies to get you started on this exciting adventure.

1. Large stainless-steel pot

You’ll start the process on your stovetop, so you’ll need a pot big enough to accommodate it. Stainless-steel is key, because it won’t react with any of your active ingredients. 

2. Thermometer

The temperature of your milk is crucial to the process. A thermometer will keep you on track, so you’ll know when it’s ready before it starts to burn. 

3. Milk

Choosing your milk can be a fun part of the process. While whole milk is the common preference, some hard cheeses work well with skim. You can also use goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk. 

4. Cheese cultures

Of all cheese ingredients, the starter is probably the one you won’t have on hand. They’re important to the home cheese making process, however, as the cultures contain bacteria that help the cheese develop and add all those interesting flavors. 

5. Cheesecloth

As the curds start to form, you’ll need something to strain the excess liquid through. A cheesecloth or a draining bag is essential to this process. 

6. Molds

You can also get cheese molds of various sizes and shapes to help you make specific cheeses. Using a vessel like this can also make it easier to drain out the liquid. 

These cheese supplies are not difficult to find, especially when you shop in a specialized cheese making store. We have everything you’ll need, including kits that compile all the essential ingredients. If you have questions about the process, let us know. We’re always eager to help!