Calcium Chloride - Food Grade Dry Granules

Option for 4 oz Fill Bottle with dispensing cap

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  • Certified Food Grade
  • Kosher Certified
  • Instructions to mix to correct concentration for cheese making on label.
  • Option for 4 oz Fill bottle with dispenser cap
  • 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz or 1 lb options


Highest Quality Calcium Chloride for Cheese making  (Dry Granules)

Every at-home cheesemaker needs the best, quality ingredients to make the finest homemade cheeses. Whether you’re making a batch of cheese for a quiet night in or to entertain a swell of family and friends, make sure you’re well stocked on top cheese making ingredients

If you’re a cheese making addict, you’ll undoubtedly need a lot of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride for cheese is highly important in the cheese making process as it helps milk coagulate easier. It’s extremely useful to know how to make calcium chloride for cheese the right way, especially, if you are using store-bought pasteurized milk, low-fat milk, goat’s milk or milk that’s been overheated. The right dosage of calcium chloride will help create the perfect smooth and creamy texture that everyone desires for their cheese. 

When using calcium chloride granules, the first step is to mix the dry product with water so that you can obtain a precise concentration of 32-33%.


NOTE;  Calcium Chloride mixed into water will get warm/hot; this is normal and it cools as it dissolves.

Mixing instructions:

Pour 2 oz. of cool water into a 4oz. bottle. Add 1oz.(by weight) of the CC granules. Mix & allow to cool, add an additional 1oz. of CC granules.

Mix and fill bottle to 4 oz mark with cool water.  (You are adding a total of 2 ounces of Calcium Chloride and filling to 4 oz with distilled water)

Wait for the CC solution to cool and clarify. This will make a 32-33% solution. To make larger quantities of the liquid calcium chloride, use multiples of the above amounts.

Store remaining Dry Calcium Chloride at room temperature, sealed from moisture and not in direct sunlight.

NOTE: The water will get HOT when dissolving the Calcium Chloride Granules;  this is normal.  Once it cools to room temp it's ready to use.



Of this liquid, use a quarter teaspoon (1.2ml) per every 1-2 gallons of milk in your recipe. To make measuring and mixing easy, order the Optional 4 oz Bottle with dispensing cap.

On top of being great for home cheese making, these calcium chloride granules are also a must-have addition to any of our cheese making kits. Lastly, remember to have fun – cheese making is chemistry, an experiment and a bit of an art.  

Kosher Certified

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