Cheese Draining Platform Large 8" x 12 1/8"

Fits or LARGE Size Aging Container

About This Product

LARGER SIZE Cheese Aging Container Draining Platform

Fits Brie Aging Container: width 7 11/16 in.(19.5cm), length 12 1/8in.(30.7cm), height 3/8in.(9.5mm).

This plastic draining platform keeps your cheese elevated, especially important when aging washed rind and bloomy rind cheeses. Place our Draining Mat onto the platform and you have an excellent aging surface.


Important note:  do not wash in boiling water or in dishwasher. Plastic may warp.  Hand wash and rinse in warm water.

You can purchase these platforms along with the draining mats and aging containers all together. Check out our Plastic Aging Containers-Includes Draining Platform & Mat.


Shipping included within the USA.