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Product Three Piece Measuring SpoonsStainless Steel Ladle, Three Piece Spoon Set, Curd Knife & Skimmer PackageWhey Pump and/or Strainer
Image Three Piece Measuring SpoonsCurd KnifeWhey Pump and/or Strainer
Price $10.00 $8.97$62.88 $56.97$28.97
Brand N/AN/AN/A
Availability N/AN/AN/A
Rating [10]
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Summary CLEARANCE SALE. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL PRICING. Stainless steel and quite sturdy. These spoons are excellent for measuring those very small amounts of inoculants(cheese making ingredients).Th...These  tools make home and artisan cheese making a bit easier.  Buy all four in this package and save.   Curd Knife:Made of 304 stainless steel, our curd knife is strong, yet flexible e...If you're tired of the mess and the slow process of ladling out whey from your kettle, vat or warmer when making your own cheese, our new Whey Pump & Strainer is a dream come true. It took us only...
Other N/AN/AShort Description:
Easily separate your curds from whey by using our whey pump! Pump 1 gallon of whey out of your kettle in less than a minute! No more mess trying to strain out your curd from a large kettle!