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Product Stainless Steel Curds & Whey LadleStainless Steel Straining SkimmerThree Piece Measuring Spoons
Image Curd or Whey LadleStainless Steel Curd and Whey SkimmerThree Piece Measuring Spoons
Price $24.97$12.97$10.00 $7.97
Brand N/AN/AN/A
Availability N/AN/AN/A
Rating [1]
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Summary Large capacity and sturdy, using this ladle to collect whey from your cheese vat is easy and more efficient.   Ladle width(top) 6 3/8 in.(18cm) Handle length: 12.5 in.(31.7cm) Ladle capa...Convenient to use. Long easy to reach handle. Skimmer width is 5 5/8in.(14cm). Handle length is 12.5 in.(31.75cm).   Shipping included within the USA.   Stainless steel and quite sturdy. These spoons are excellent for measuring those very small amounts of inoculants(cheese making ingredients).This includes the following. 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32nd tsp.(.6...
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