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Product Flora Danica-Mesophilic StarterMesophile Aroma Culture Type B
Image Flora Danica-Mesophilic StarterMesophile Aroma Culture Type B
Price $25.00 $18.97$12.97
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Rating [19]
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Summary Satisfy your cravings for making fresh baby swiss, goat milk cheeses, lactic cheeses, Chevre, Gouda, Leerdam, blue cheese, Samsoe, Havarti and Edam by using the Flora Danica-Mesophilic Starter. This u...Artisan and home cheesemakers can get flavorful results by using Mesophile Aroma Culture Type B. Once added to milk, this culture gradually causes it to ripen and create a variety of products. With a ...
Other Short Description:
Flora Danica is a mesophilic culture used to acidify milk and add a full, buttery, flavor to cheeses such as brie, blue and cream cheese!

Short Description:
Mesophile Aroma Culture Type B is used to add a butter flavor to homemade soft cheese, sour cream, cultured butter and more!