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Product Stackable Plastic Cheese Mould without CollarStackable Plastic Cheese Mould with Collar
Image Stackable Collarless Cheese Mold (4-15 Gallons)height 8 in.(20.3cm),
Inside diameter 7 in. (17.7cm).
Price $30.97$36.96
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Availability N/AN/A
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Summary These moulds can also be used individually or stacked to produce multiple cheeses. Can be used with approximately 4-10 gallons (15-37.8 liters) of milk. Buy four or more and save 10%. height 10 in.(2...These moulds are designed to use individually or stack them to make multiple cheeses. Then, place weight on the top mould to apply pressure. When stacked fully, there is a 4 in.(10cm) height from the ...
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