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Product Tomme Cheese MouldsStainless Steel Hoops (moulds)Camembert and Brie Moulds
Image Tomme Cheese Mould(s) (includes lid to help press curds)Stainless Steel Hoops (moulds)Camembert and Brie Moulds
Price $21.97$26.97$15.97
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Summary Tomme style cheese is a round, nutty tasting cheese, generally made on the same farm that you source the milk. Tomme cheeses require a mesophilic culture and a tomme cheese mould to form it....Heavy duty stainless steel hoops with drainage holes and matching followers (optional). When you’re making cheeses, you need the best equipment available. These Stainless Steel Hoops (Moulds) p...Having the proper cheese mould or hoop helps to form curds together to create a finished, presentable product. Moulds for general use work well for certain varieties of cheese, whereas specialized mou...
Other Short Description:
The Tomme moulds comes in three different sizes and can be used with approximately 1 to 6 gallons of milk. Each mould comes with a lid to help press the curd. These moulds are great for DIY cheesemakers.

Short Description:
Sturdy, seamless stainless steel hoop (moulds) perfect for making various types of cheese Small holes allow whey to easily drain.