Deluxe Camembert/Baby Brie CheeseMaker Kit

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About This Product

The Deluxe Kit includes everything in the Standard Kit plus Additional Cultures to make over 100 Camembert, Baby-Brie Cheeses, plus our Hard Copy Guide to Making Camembert, Baby-Brie and Blue Cheese- Full Color with detailed photos/40 pages. The dry cultures will last almost indefinitely if stored in your freezer. (Store Rennet in Refrigerator)


This Deluxe Camembert/ Baby Brie CheeseMaker Kit Includes:


(1)     Plastic Aging Container – Small 13” L x 7 ½”W x 4 ½ “ H (33cm x 19cm x 11.4 cm) Easily fits in Refrigerator!

(1)     Large Dial Thermometer (0-220f)

(1)     Five Piece Measuring Spoons

(1)     No. 90 Cheese Cloth

(8) 10” x 10” 2 ply white rind wrapping paper

(1)  Plastic Draining Mat

(1)   Draining Platform

(2)   Bamboo Draining Mats

(1)   1 oz Liquid Calcium Chloride; helps milk coagulate (form curds)

(1)  Stainless Steel Curd Knife

(1)  Stainless Steel Slotted Curd Spoon Medium 

(2) PolyPro Food Grade Camembert moulds (Traditional- French made Food Grade BPA Free PolyPro)

      - 1 each Standard 'Brie' Bottomless Hoop

      - 1 each Large Brie Bottomless Hoop for larger Brie Cheeses

CAMEMBERT / BRIE Culture/Mold Packets-  'Ready to Go' Packets!

Camembert or Brie:    1 Packet of Culture/Mold  makes two Camembert Cheeses using one gallon of milk

(4) Packets of Camembert Culture/Mold pre-mix ready to go!

 (1) ea 50 grams of Walcoren Veal Calf Rennet Powder; use 1/16 tsp with each batch of 2 gallons of milk!


KIT INCLUDE ADDITONAL CULTURES & RENNET: Make over 100 Camembert/Brie Cheeses!

Cultures included are over a $100 value!  (read about each culture on our website)


Use Additional Cultures to make many more Camembert/Brie cheeses:

(1)     Mesophilic Starter MM Series 50 Dose ;  use 1/2 tsp per 2 gallons milk

(1)     Penicillium Candidum SAM 2 Dose ;   use 1/16 tsp per 2 gallons milk

(1)     Geotrichum 15  2Dose ;  use 1/16 tsp per 2 gallons milk


Walcoren Veal Calf Rennet for both Camembert Brie and Blue Cheeses:

(1)     50 Gram Packet Dry Calf Rennet (if you want to ‘swap’ for a Liquid Rennet* leave a note at checkout in comments)

          - use 1/16 tsp with each 2 gallons of milk

*if you need a Kosher Rennet leave a note to swap the Dry Rennet for 1 oz of ChyMax Extra, a Kosher, non-animal Rennet)


(1)     Camembert/Brie/Blue Cheese Making Hard Copy Version Booklet

 Shipping Included within the Continental US. International Shipping Available.

Shipping included within the Continental USA.   International shipping available.