Deluxe Camembert/Baby Brie CheeseMaker Kit


About This Product

The Deluxe Camembert Kit includes everything in the Standard Kit plus additional cultures* to make over 350 Camembert, Baby-Brie cheeses, plus my Printed Hard Copy Guide to Making Camembert, Baby-Brie and Blue Cheese - Full color with detailed photos/40 pages. The dry cultures will last in your freezer/refrigerator indefinately.

When you order The Deluxe Camembert CheeseMaker kit, you can also download the Digital eBook Guide upon purchase and start reading within minutes. You will also receive free lifetime updates to the eBook.

The eBook guide is available in Adobe Acrobat .PDF file format.

The Deluxe Camembert CheeseMaker Kit Includes:

(1) Plastic aging container - 13"L (33cm) x 7-1/2"W (19cm) x 4-1/2"H (11.4cm). Easily fits on the shelf of most refrigerators. 
(1) Large Dial Thermometer. (0-220f)
(1) Five Piece Measuring Spoons
(4) Four Camembert/Baby-Brie Gift Boxes
(1) No. 90 cheese cloth
(1) Plastic Draining mat. 
(2) Bamboo Draining mats. 
(1) Draining Platform. 
(1) Small Spray Bottle. For spraying* dissolved PC and GC molds onto the cheese. 
 *optional. Most people use the DVI method. Direct Vat Inoculation.

(1) Calcium Chloride. Helps milk coagulate (form a curd). 
(2) Polypro Food Grade Camembert moulds(Traditional).
There is no difference in the results from using either the plastic or stainless steel hoops. The plastic hoops are French made food grade BPA free polypro. 

(1) The Best cheese knife. Perfect to cutting soft cheese like Camembert/Brie easily.

Includes: four packets of culture/mold/rennet.  Camembert cheese: one packet will make two Camembert cheeses using one gallon of milk.

*In addition to the Prepackaged Packets, also included are bulk packages of dry cultures and rennet to make over 350 Camembert/Baby-Brie cheeses. If you prefer non-animal based rennet, please make note in the space available at the checkout page.

These cultures are in sealed foil packets listed on the cultures page. 

(Mesophilic Starter MM Series 125 dose or Chr Hansen CHN-22, Dry Calf Rennet* (or vegetarian liquid rennet), Penicillium Candidum 10 dose, Geotrichum Candidum 10 dose)
*If you need Kosher or Vegerarian rennet, we will replace the non Kosher Dry Calf Rennet with 1 oz. of ChyMax Extra, a Kosher, non-animal based rennet, or the rennet of your choice). Just leave a note at checkout.

(16 sheets) Double layer microperforated white mold type papers for wrapping and aging. 
(1) Camembert/Brie/Blue Cheese Making eBook and/or Hard Copy Guide.

When you purchase my eBook guide, you'll get automatic updates and any new information about making these cheeses. If you're sending my Kit & eBook as a gift to someone, I'll include a gift card along with the Kit. When you check out there is an option to write what you want on the gift card. 

Shipping included within the Continental USA.   International shipping available.