Dutch Style Cheese Press Heavy Duty SINGLE PRO SERIES

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Heavy Duty Single Pro-Series includes Draining Tray/Insert

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Cheese making is not only a chemistry but also an art where you transform your milk into a variety of flavor, texture and artisan cheeses. Bring the art of cheese making into your home with this beautiful crafted Dutch style Heavy Duty cheese press. We choose damaged old growth trees for sustainability. This results in cheese presses with more character, a variety of wood color and a tighter grain. After all, while function and durability are the main components of any cheese press, you also want a cheese press and homemade cheese kit that fits your kitchen aesthetic and that looks beautiful.  No tools necessary for assembly other than a Phillips Head Screwdriver.

You will love using this new Heavy-Duty Dutch Style cheese press for making cheese at home.

Our PRO-SERIES Dutch cheese press has a lever arm capable of holding five gallons of water; this is up to 250 pounds of force! As a cheesemaker, it is important to note that you need much less pressure. So, no doubt, this cheese press is going to give you more than enough pressure to get the job done. Hang different weights on the lever arm to maximize the pressure. The 34-inch lever arm allows you to exert the force with complete ease. You do not have to play guessing games with the amount of weight that you use, allowing you to rid yourself of lumpy or crumbling cheeses.

Our presses are made in Wisconsin of hand selected hardwood maple or ash and are designed and built by a local Master Woodworker. Our Dutch presses are built to be the best in the market and they offer more leverage. Marked notches on the lever arm offer 3,4,5 and 6 times weight. That means just one plastic jug of water weighing 8.35 lbs. can exert nearly 50 lbs. pounds of weight on your cheese! Add another jug or any other weights and this press can exert more weight. The Dutch Style Press is a great value for any home and small artisan cheesemaker. You won't find a better made or more intelligently designed Dutch style cheese press.

There is no easier way to press cheese. We design our models specifically for your convenience and pleasure. We build our DIY cheese press with durable hardwood, that not only allows you to experience quality, but to also experience a cheese press that is going to last. 



  • Single Dutch Style Heavy Duty Pro-Series Cheese Press
  • All necessary hardware and assembly instructions (Phillips screwdriver required)
  • Includes custom made Black Draining Tray that slides securely onto the base
  • Includes a clear PolyPro insert for the Draining tray so you can use the tray separately to drain bottomless / hoop style moulds
  • Includes a Water Bottle Weight and Hook;  more can be ordered


This press accepts a wide variety of cheese moulds-  including mould up to 9" in diameter and up to 9.5" tall  in total height with any lid /follower.

Works with all sizes of our Tomme Hard Cheese Moulds with Lid/Followers including the Extra Large Tomme Mould. 


Easy to Assemble!



  • Made with ash and maple, hand selected hardwood
  • Lever arm offers between three and six times weight
  • Exert well over 200 pounds of pressure
  • Custom whey drainage tray included;  use to drain/press with either Moulds with bottoms (use tray only) or bottomless hoops/moulds (use the insert with the tray)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 21 inches
  • Usable base area: width 10 in. length 11 3/4 in.
  • Lever arm length: 34 inches
  • Creates perfectly pressed cheeses

Made in the USA


Purchase Tomme Moulds (for any Hard Cheese- Cheddar, Gouda etc) at a reduced price when you buy our press. 

Small, Large or Extra Large Tomme Moulds include lids to press your cheese

Small Tomme Mould:  use with 1-2(3.78-7.56liters) gallons of milk.  Save $3 off regular price
Large Tomme Mould:  use with 2-4(7.56-15l) gal. of milk.                  Save $4 off regular price
Extra Large Tomme Mould:  use with 3-5.5(11.3-20.7l) gal. of milk.  Save $5 off regular price

NEW:  Now included with every Dutch Press is our Custom Designed Whey Drainage Tray with insert; a $44.97 value

Use Black Why Drainage Tray alone with Moulds that have bottoms;  use insert inside of tray when using bottomless moulds / hoops.

 Draining Tray with Insert


ALSO INCLUDED:  One WATER WEIGHT BOTTLE Collapsible 6 lb weight water bottle!   You can order more:  WATER BOTTLE WEIGHT




Proudly Made in the USA. 

Something Special From Wisconsin

Shipping included within the Continental USA.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available. 

What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    Cheese press and company as a whole

    Posted by Robert Marotta on 10th Apr 2024

    I'm certainly glad I discovered this company and have bought several things from them thus far. I bought the heavy duty cheese press and ingredients and draining mats that have all been shipped out promptly with no issue whatsoever. I've called a couple times and the owner himself picks up the phone and is very interested in how my project is going and offers troubleshooting tips with no feeling that I'm inferior for making mistakes LOL. I intend to keep buying my supplies from him and would recommend this company 100% to anyone looking to get into the wonderful hobby of cheese making.

  • 5
    Dutch Style Cheese Press Heavy Duty Single Pro

    Posted by Torrey Zimmerman on 27th Apr 2022

    I received this press recently, and as such have only had an opportunity to press 4 cheeses. But it is a remarkably stable, sturdy press that was easy to assemble and is simple to use. The numbers on the lever arm allow the user to make very simple calculations to achieve the needed pressing weight. And the lever can be folded out of the way when not in use. The custom drainage tray and tray insert are well-made, and channel whey away from the press. And clean-up is a breeze. Pressing cheese requires that a constant weight be exerted on the follower/form. And spring presses reduce their actuation force as the curd compresses. This press maintains the weight I choose, even as the curd compresses in the form. I would highly recommend this press to anyone looking for consistent, reliable results!

  • 5
    Heavy Duty Dutch Style Cheese Press Pro Series

    Posted by Wade McLean on 3rd Apr 2022

    I'm absolutely thrilled with this cheese press. There are certainly cheaper options available, but I was looking for a well built, functional press that would stand the test of time, and this press is certainly it. I've used it a couple of times since the time of this review and I've noted that the pressure is constant and easy to adjust. The whey collection tray is a nice touch and helps me to keep my work area clean.

  • 5
    Dutch Cheese Press

    Posted by Regina on 17th May 2021

    I have just started making cheese that needs to be pressed. I am very happy with this product. The whey drains away nicely. The cheese press is made with quality wood. I did as recommended and rubbed it down with cutting board oil before use. This was to protect the wood. The assembly tip of rubbing the screws in a bar of soap for easier assembly was a great idea. Everything was a lot easier with this tip.

  • 5
    Love my Cheese Press

    Posted by Richard Johnson on 20th Jan 2021

    I love this cheese press, does the job, while being easy to use and flexible. (thanks Richard- these are great presses! TheCheesemaker)

  • 5
    Worth every cent!

    Posted by Natalie on 17th Apr 2020

    First, I received this press the day after I ordered it. I wish the instructions had a little more detail, but studying the picture and texting Steve got the answers quickly. It took less than 10 minutes to assemble. I had Gouda in it less than 36 hours after ordering. Customer service is definitely 5 stars. It is very sturdy. I love the drip tray and tray insert included. The numbers are carved into the lever so no need to rely on memory. With a quart jar full of water, a five pound dumbbell and a 10 pound kettle bell and a few short pieces of twine, I will have every weight needed. The base is wide and well balanced. If you have been in my shoes and tried various household objects to press cheese and have nearly smashed your foot, spilled curds, or dented your floor- you will especially appreciate this press.

  • 5
    Love my Dutch Cheese Press!

    Posted by Marybeth Bullington at Elfin Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats on 15th Jan 2020

    I finally decided on what style of cheese press to purchase. I have goats and make my cheese in 4 gallon batches. This necessitated a press that would handle large cheese molds and adequate drainage. This Dutch press is just what I needed. It is beautifully made, sturdy and well finished. The drainage tray works exceptionally well. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • 5
    Nice press, great service

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2019

    Well build solid press that, according to Steve, can handle over 150 lbs pressing force - the most I will need. Would give the press a 4.5 rating, had a minor issues with it which was resolved to my complete satisfaction in a reasonable time, so rated 5 for superior customer service. Expensive, but based on comparison to other presses online, seems to be worth the price.

  • 5
    Great press

    Posted by Susan Foster on 11th Mar 2019

    No more guess work when it comes to the weights! My only regret is that I did not buy one of these years ago! Very nice people to deal with.

  • 5
    Worth the Money

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2018

    The only complaint is that the four screw holes were too tight and needed some adjustment. Otherwise everything works as it should. The press is easy to use, seems sturdy, and will likely serve us for years to come. Note from Steve/thecheesemaker: thanks for the feedback. I have made note and inspected all presses to insure the holes are adequate for using a hand screwdriver.

  • 5
    Great Cheese Press

    Posted by Helen Catlalano on 20th Feb 2017

    This press was easy to put together and worked great. A better manual for use would help those who are not mechanically inclined but most should have no problem. It turned out a lovely perfectly rounded cheese.

  • 5
    Wonderful Press Easy to Use

    Posted by Terri on 26th Sep 2015

    I just received this press this week. tried it twice and have two perfect wheels of cheese aging in my cheese cave. It was super easy to set it up and to determine weight at each level with a simply scale. once I determined weights i wrote it on the sides of the press. The amount of weight was perfect. No more lumpy cheese. No more crumbling because i couldn't 'guess ' at the amount of weight i was using. I appreciate the quick shipment and support i received from steve while getting it right. Thank you steve. The best customer service you will ever find.