Large Cheese Aging Containers-Includes Draining Platform & Mat

Ideal for larger cheeses up to 7 1/2" diameter

About This Product


Large: Brie Plastic aging container: Also includes Draining Platform and Draining Mat

Popular Item often ordered with Aging Containers:  BAMBOO MAT

Use this container to age larger Brie or other larger cheeses It will hold one 7 in.(18cm) diameter and one 5 in. (12.7cm) cheese.
Inside Size: 9x14.5 in.(22.8x36.8cm), Height: 5.5 in.(14cm).

Important note:  do not wash the plastic draining platform or draining mat in boiling water or in dishwasher. Plastic may warp.  Hand wash and rinse in warm water.


 aging-cheeses-.jpg  Cheeses age in your refrigerator inside container, on top of draining mat and platform.  This protects your cheese from contaminants.

blue-cheese-again-with-added-moisture.jpg You can add small vessels with water or water/sponge to increase humidity inside container

Shipping included within the 48 USA states. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.