LyoPro FOMAGE Thermophilic Vegan Culture 50 CXU Packet

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Lactose Free; ferment Vegan Cheeses made with Cashews, Soy, Almond or Coconut (50 CXU / 126 Gal)

About This Product

LyoPro FOMAGE is a specially-designed LACTOSE FREE VEGAN starter culture for NON-DAIRY substrates such as Cashews, Almonds, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk.

50 CXU Packet innoculates

up to 126 Gallons 

Made in Italy, this is THE CULTURE to use for fermentation in Non-Dairy Cheese Making!

Hobbyist usage rate: use approximately 1/8 tsp. for 1-3 gal.(3.78l-19l) of substrate. 


 TO Use: Bring packet to room temp before using.  Rehydrate the FOMAGE you are using (usually 1/8 tsp) in a small amount of 

non-chlorinated water / non-alkaline water.  (about 1/8 cup water or so)

Stir into the substrate at a temp range of 100F - 109F and proceed with your recipe!


Size: 50 dose packet will make over 50 batches of Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese!


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