LyoPro STB Mozzarella, String Cheese & Pizza Cheese Culture 50 CXU Packet

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Low Moisture Mozzarella / String Cheese culture from Italy! (50 CXU / 126 Gallons milk)

About This Product

LyoPro STB  is a specially-designed  Thermophilic starter culture, great for making Mozzarella, String Cheese and cheese for Pizza!

50 CXU Packet for up to 126 Gallons of milk

Made in Italy, it contains a thermophilic starter culture along with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus to add aroma and texture.

Hobbyist usage rate:

use approximately 1/8 tsp. for 1-5 gal.(3.78l-19l) of milk.  50 dose packet will innoculate 126 gallons of milk!

Industry Usage Rate  

2-4 DCU per 26.5 gal.(100 liters) cow/goat milk or 1-2 DCU per 26.5 gal.(100 liters) sheep milk; 9-18 DCU per 1000 lbs. cow/goat milk or 4.5-9 DCU per 1000 lbs sheep milk.

Size: 50 CXU packet will innoculate 126 Gallons of Milk

  • Characteristics: Acidification: ●●●●○ Aroma: ●●●○○ Proteolysis: ●●○○○ Gas: ○○○○○

    Description: A homofermentative starter that is suggested for low moisture pasta filata cheese like Provola (string cheese). The low proteolytic activity of Lactobacillus bulgaricus gives aroma to the cheese and in pizza cheese production it reduces browning problems and improves the melting performance.

    Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus,
    Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus  

    Application: Mozzarella, pizza cheese, pasta filata, soft and hard cheese

    Shelf-life: 20 months at -0.4°F (-18°C)

    Kosher Status:
    OK Kosher Cholov Yisroel

 FULL SPEC SHEET:   spec sheet

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