Natural Annatto Cheese Coloring


About This Product


Description: ViviMax™Annatto is a gmo-free double strength water soluble natural color produced through a purification process that is used in cheeses to give its eye appealing yellow to orange color.

It comes from various carotenoid pigments found in the seeds of the achiote tree.

This natural coloring will give your cheese a mild light orange-orange color, perfect for hard cheeses.


For example using 1/2 tsp(2.4ml) or 25 drops in 5 gal.(189 liters) of milk will produce a mild orange colored cheese similiar to what one sees in a cheese shop. Color Intensity 4.10-4.70 (FCC absorbance test). Water soluble. 


Available in 1 oz.(29.5ml), 4 oz.(118.2ml), pint(473ml), and gallon (3.78l)  


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