Plastic Aging Containers-Includes Draining Platform & Mat & Bamboo Mat

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About This Product

Small: Camembert Plastic aging container:  Also includes Draining Platform and Draining Mat-Now includes one Bamboo ripening mat (over a $9.97 value) if you prefer not to age your cheeses on plastic mats.

Use this container to age your Camembert or other cheeses. It will hold two 5 in.(12.7cm) diameter cheeses. 
Inside Size: 6.5x12.5 in.(16.5x31.75cm), Height: 4 in.(10.1cm)

Included in Standard and Deluxe Camembert/Babybrie/Blue Cheese Making Kit.

Large: Brie Plastic aging container: Also includes Draining Platform and Draining Mat-Now includes one Bamboo ripening mat (over a $9.97 value)  if you prefer not to age your cheeses on plastic mats.

Use this container to age larger Brie or other cheeses It will hold one 7 in.(18cm) diameter and one 5 in. (12.7cm) cheese.
Inside Size: 9x14.5 in.(22.8x36.8cm), Height: 5.5 in.(14cm).

Important note:  do not wash the plastic draining platform or draining mat in boiling water or in dishwasher. Plastic may warp.  Hand wash and rinse in warm water.


 aging-cheeses-.jpg  Cheeses age in your refrigerator inside container, on top of draining mat and platform.  This protects your cheese from contaminants.

blue-cheese-again-with-added-moisture.jpg You can add small vessels with water or water/sponge to increase humidity inside container

Shipping included within the 48 USA states. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.


What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    Made ALL the difference!

    Posted by Lucy on 7th Apr 2021

    I am so glad I purchased this set. What a difference this has made. Helps to accomplish a good result when you have the right tools!

  • 5
    Perfect for the task

    Posted by Eric on 11th Oct 2020

    Perfect size for two Camemberts. With a damp paper towel tucked away on one side the box maintains ideal humidity while the plastic grid protects the cheeses from getting wet.

  • 5
    Worth it

    Posted by Natalie on 9th Jul 2020

    I bought both sizes. They were perfect for Camembert! Kept the cheese well above the floor of the container. Much more convenient than trying to assemble all the pieces separately from items lying around the house. Definitely recommend

  • 4
    aging containers

    Posted by Paul M Thomas on 6th Jun 2020

    I wish these came in a slightly smaller size. They won't fit in my wine frig so I'm using cling film for the top. Have yet to try "shaving" some plastic and that is next. Otherwise a nice bundle to get the job done.

  • 5
    Definitely worth it

    Posted by Natalie on 9th May 2020

    I got one of each size. Perfect for the Camembert and I used the largest one to dry my feta. Very handy and worth the price! I may even get a second set :)

  • 5
    aging container

    Posted by CLem Wolfe on 16th Apr 2020

    I like this combination very much have two Bries aging in it,they look great.

  • 5
    Great aging containers

    Posted by Jim on 15th Sep 2019

    If you are starting out in hard cheese making you need at least 1 or 2 of these. The bamboo mats and plastic grates are perfect for the job.

  • 4
    Perfect for my cheeses before they are wrapped.

    Posted by dan on 16th Oct 2018

    This is a great product. It fits three camembert size cheese. It allows the cheese to drain, yet keeps the atmosphere surrounding the cheeses at the right humidity. And they can be stacked in the frig or aging area. Perfect. I really don't have a need for the bamboo mats. Maybe I can use them for sushi or placemats...but the aging container is spot on and makes my cheese making easier.

  • 5
    Great combination

    Posted by Chris Snyder on 19th Aug 2014

    This is a great combination for any cheese maker. I use it for mold ripened cheeses in the cheese cave. I use it to drain when from hooped harder cheeses. the mats and grid hold the cheese from any moisture. A great combination.