Citric Acid Powder


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CITRIC ACID for Making Soft / Fresh Cheeses!


Available sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz., 8 oz., 1 lb

Citric acid is used in making Ricotta, Mozzarella and other fresh cheeses. 

Citric acid is used in acidifying the milk in the process of coagulating the curds.

Kosher Cert product / repacked. 


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    Posted by Joseph on 24th Jan 2021

    Purchased to use to clean with

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    citric acid

    Posted by Charlene on 26th Mar 2015

    I have been having trouble. I have recipe for a quick mozzarella that the finish is done in microwave. I have tried 4 batches and none have worked. I was getting the citric acid from another place and it worked fine. I used 2 1/2 tsp. per 2 gallon of milk. Does yours work the same for that amount of milk. Thanks. From Steve/ The correct amount of citric acid to use to acidify the milk to the correct pH of between 5.2 and 5,4 is 1.5 tsp. per gallon on milk. The curd will not stretch when the pH is too low (using too little citric acid) and the curd will fall apart when the pH is too low (using too much citric acid). We do not recommend using the microwave method as it is nearly impossible to determine how much heat is being used. We recommend using hot water(180-190f) to pour over the curds prior to stretching. Check out our tested recipe online for good results: After discontinuing microwave method: "Morning Steve, I made 2 double batches of Mozzarella using your recipe and using hot water not the microwave and it worked. Thank you so much for your help". Charlene

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    citric acid

    Posted by Charlene on 26th Feb 2015

    Citric acid works great for making quick mozzarella. We make this every morning with our fresh cows milk. Great results.

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    Posted by Mairi on 17th Jan 2015

    I made perfect mozzarella

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    Check storage bags for holes

    Posted by Rex Young on 5th Jun 2014

    Great product. Problem I had was plastic bag product was in had a hole in the side of the bag which resulted in about 2 oz of citric acid leaking all over the inside of the box creating a mess and loss of product. -'We apologize for the hole in bag, probably caused in shipping. We're sending you a 2 oz. bag to replace what you loss. Thanks for the update'. -Steve Shapson