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  • Dutch Cheese Press
  • Dutch Cheese Press
  • Heavy-duty dutch style cheese press
  • Dutch cheese press with hoop & follower
  • Close-Up of plunger on Dutch cheese press
  • Small Tomme Mould
  • Large Plastic Mould
  • Extra-Large Plastic Mould
  • Stainless Steel Hoops & Followers
  • Whey Drainage Tray
  • Whey Drainage Tray
  • Whey Drainage Tray with moulds
  • Whey Drainage Tray

Dutch Style Cheese Press with Whey Drainage Tray/Insert

$260.00 $218.97
(You save $41.03)

Product Description

You will love using this new Heavy-Duty Dutch Style cheese press for making cheese at home.

Our presses are made in Wisconsin of hand selected hardwood** maple or ash and are designed and built by a local expert wood craftsperson. Our Dutch presses are built to be the best in the market and they offer more leverage. Marked notches on the lever arm offer 3,4,5 and 6 times weight. That means just one plastic jug of water weighing 8.35 lbs. can exert nearly 50 lbs. pounds of weight on your cheese! Add another jug or any other weights and this press can exert more weight. The Dutch Style Press is a great value for any home and small artisan cheesemaker. You won't find a better made or more intelligently designed Dutch style cheese press.

If you received our holiday eblast, choose NO for the Tomme Mould option so you're not charged for the moulds.

Purchase Tomme Moulds at a reduced price when you buy our press.  Small, Large or Extra Large Tomme Moulds (includes lids to press the cheeses) at a reduced price. Adding these moulds may change shipping cost.

Small Tomme Mould:  use with 1-2(3.78-7.56liters) gallons of milk.
Large Tomme Mould:  use with 2-4(7.56-15l) gal. of milk.
Extra Large Tomme Mould:  use with 3-5.5(11.3-20.7l) gal. of milk.


And/Or choose the 6x8(inch) stainless steel hoop and HDPE food grade plastic follower.  A $50 value for $40.00.


NEW:  Now included with every Dutch Press is our Custom Designed Whey Drainage Tray, a $21.97 value and our food grade polypro insert, a $6.00 value.  No. 50 or 60 grade cheese cloth included at no cost (value $9.97).  
Draining Tray with Insert


Press Size(outside dims):  length 20 in.(50.8cm), width 12 in.(30.4cm), height 21 in.(53.3cm).  Length of lever arm 34 in.(86.3cm).


Important facts: The lever arm comes in two pieces for easy storage and is strong enough to hold as much as five gallons of water weighing nearly 42 lbs, creating nearly 250 lbs of force.  For most cheese pressing, much less is required.  You can hang various weights on the lever arm at different positions, which will add to the total amount of force pushing down on your cheese. 


Using the lever method to determine how much weight is applied to your cheese, these presses are the best Dutch Style presses made in the USA and abroad.  Hand crafted in Wisconsin using hand selected Wisconsin hardwood Maple or Ash**. Two models available including one which can handle two hoops(moulds). 

**We use wood from older growth trees that have been damaged and need to be cut down. The wood from these trees is much more dense and stronger than young trees. This wood has a lot more personality, color and tighter grain.


This base on this press can accommodate a hoop or mould up to 9 7/8 in.(25cm) width x 11 7/8 in.(30.1cm) width and 11 1/2 in.(29.2cm) height.

Click here to see usage information.

There are various choices of moulds or hoops to use with these two dutch style presses. Recommended moulds are shown here. Or you may want to use one or more of the Stainless Steel Hoops (moulds). Cheese cloth recommened 50 or 60 grade).

Proudly Made in the USA. 

Something Special From Wisconsin

Shipping included within the Continental USA.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.


Other Details

Short Description:
This heavy-duty Dutch style cheese press allows you to exert hundreds of pounds of pressure with ease. Dutch style cheese presses work great when making hard cheese at home.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Cheese Press

    Posted by Helen Catlalano on 20th Feb 2017

    This press was easy to put together and worked great. A better manual for use would help those who are not mechanically inclined but most should have no problem. It turned out a lovely perfectly rounded cheese.

  2. Wonderful Press Easy to Use

    Posted by Terri on 26th Sep 2015

    I just received this press this week. tried it twice and have two perfect wheels of cheese aging in my cheese cave. It was super easy to set it up and to determine weight at each level with a simply scale. once I determined weights i wrote it on the sides of the press. The amount of weight was perfect. No more lumpy cheese. No more crumbling because i couldn't 'guess ' at the amount of weight i was using.
    I appreciate the quick shipment and support i received from steve while getting it right. Thank you steve. The best customer service you will ever find.

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