Holdbac Starter Culture LC


About This Product

(100 doses)  Lactobacillus rhamnosus

(freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Innoculation)

Holdbac culture can be added along with your Mesophilic or Thermophilic starter to provide natural biological, efficient spoilage and pathogen protection. Very slow acidification, provides control of late blowing in aged cheeses. Growth control of leuconostoc, heterofermentative lactobacilli and enterococci. Holdbac can help to reduce or eliminate those pesky little holes that sometimes form inside the cheese.

Usage rate: Industry: Semi-hard cheese(gouda,cheddar etc.) 5-20 DCU(units)/100 liters(26.4gal.) of milk, Emmental 5-20 DCU/100 liters(26.4gal.) of milk.  Refer to the Spec Sheet link here or below.

Important:  Holdbac LC is a pelletized product so it is necessary to crush the pellets in the pouch using a rolling glass prior to opening the pouch. This will make it easier to take a small sample from the opened pouch.

Hobbyist: this Holdbac pouch contains enough culture to use with anywhere from 132 gallons to 520 gallons of milk, so you will need to determine how much of the actual product you will need to use with the amount of milk you're using. Using too much Holdbac can actually inhibit any bacterial growth, so an estimate has to be made. Start with a very small amount for your first batch. If you see holes in your cheese, than increase the amount of Holdbac for the next batch, perhaps doubling the amount used. Use average of 10 DCU(units) of Holdbac for every 26.4 gallons(100l) of milk. My experience I used 1/32nd-1/16th tsp.(.15-.3ml) for 1-10 gallons of milk and did not notice any loss of flavor in the cheese, so I must assume the Holdbac did not inhibit the bacteria in the cheese.


Spec Sheet

Kosher Certified


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What Our Customers Say

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    Life is to short for bad cheese

    Posted by Anthony on 1st Dec 2012

    Holdbac has stoped any problem of late spoliage that i had after waiting for months for my cheese to become of age. A must have for anyone making aged cheeses!