Whey Pump and/or Strainer

Easily separate your curds from whey by using our whey pump! Pump 1 gallon of whey out of your kettle in less than a minute! No more mess trying to strain out your curd from a large kettle!

About This Product





If you're tired of the mess and the slow process of ladling out whey from your kettle, vat or warmer when making your own cheese, our new Whey Pump & Strainer is a dream come true. It took us only 45 seconds to pump out a gallon(3.78liters) of whey. The Whey Pump is very gentle on your curds and pumping out even that last little amount of whey was easy. The Whey Strainer sits on the bottom of your kettle keeping curds from entering the Whey Pump. After the whey is pumped out, and the Long Mould Strainer is lifted out, you can still pump out any remaining whey easily without clogging the Whey Pump. Sanitize the Whey Pump by running through some Star San Sanitizer through it prior to use, then pump some warm water through it for easy cleaning. We include two AA batteries which will last for many batches(depending on your batch size). The Long Mould Strainer can be used as a form to shape Chèvre logs.

Note:  The video and photo shows the formerly available Stainless Steel Whey Strainer which we've discontinued and replaced with the much more efficient Long Mould Strainer.


Whey Pump $29.97

  • High Power & quiet: 10 Quarts(9.4l)/Minute, DC 3V (2 AA batteries included).
  • Food grade plastics: P.P, P.E, Acetal.
  • Total Length: 21 in.(53.3cm); Discharge tube Length: 24 in.(60.9cm) ; Suction tube Length : 15.5 in.(39.3cm)
  • Battery included



        Long Mould Strainer $14.97

  • Easier to use when space is limited in your kettle or vat. 
  • 9.5 in.24cm) diameter x 8 in.(20.3cm) height. 
  • Slip the siphon tube from the pump into the strainer and it will draw out they whey through the strainer

Shipping included within the USA.  International shipping available. 



What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Keith M Rodger on 27th May 2014

    Just purchased a whey pump and used it for the first time. This is an excellent product, no mess and very quick to removed the whey from the curds. I would recommend this as a piece of equipment anyone making cheese should have.

  • 5
    Whey Pump and Strainer.

    Posted by David Fulton on 12th May 2014

    The use of the pump and strainer is very easy and works well. When a recipe asks to remove a third of the whey and add back in warm water, this is the easiest tool to use for the job. It is fast when draining all of the whey also. The battery life is long. I have made a dozen hard cheeses using four gallons of milk each and the pump is still going strong.