SaniClean Low Foam Acid Sanitizer

Makes up to 8 Gallons per 8 oz

About This Product


SANICLEAN NO RINSE ACID RINSE - use on non-porous surfaces and equipment;  allow to air dry.

 from FIVE STAR CHEMICAL  - this item replaces Star San Acid Sanitizer:

8 oz or 32 oz Size - CONCENTRATE


Mix only 2 teaspoons ( 1/3 ounce) with 1 Gallon of Water to use Saniclean no-rinse sanitizer.

One Gallon Concentrate makes 96 gallons working solution.


Saniclean Acid Sanitizer is a  cold water surface sanitizer for your cheesemaking or other fermenting equipment. Use only 2 tsp.(2.4ml) in 1 gal.(3.75L) cold water and with only a 30 second contact time.

Use diluted product in a spray bottle for easy application.

It is odor free & tasteless. It is designed to use without rinsing. It may foam, and it is not necessary to rinse off the foam as this is counter productive.




Safety Precautions

· Concentrate can cause severe skin burns and eye damage.

· Do not breathe mist.

·Wear protective gloves and eve protection.

· Wash hands and forearms thoroughly after handling.

· Store locked up



EPA REG. No. 65001-1  EPA EST. No. 65001-CO-001

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