Spruce Bark Straps

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SPRUCE BARK STRAPS: PACKAGE OF  5 pieces /19" each piece


Imported from France, Spruce Bark Straps will impart a delicious flavor (notes of sweet cream, bacon and spruce/depending on the inoculant used) into your bloomy rind or washed rind cheeses.   Made from the inner bark of Spruce trees, they're usually used to wrap soft, high moisture cheeses where the milk has been inoculated with Pen. Candidum or Geo. Candidum and/or B Linens(PLA or SR3 strains). These are the same straps used by award winning USA creameries Jasper Hill(check out Jasper Hill's video on how the straps are used to make their delicious Harbison cheese)and Uplands Cheese(read about their delicious Rush Creek Reserve cheese). The Straps are wrapped around the cheese as soon as these cheeses stop weeping(about the 2nd or 3rd day).  To use, cut off the length to wrap around your cheese, overlapping just a little, then soak in hot water for a few minutes until pliable. Once soft, they are very easy to work with. Wrap your cheese and use a rubber band or butcher twine to secure the strap. Once aged, leave the Strap on when serving. Optionally warm your cheese and cut off the thin top layer, spooning out the creamy goodness.  

Recipe: Washed Rind Cheese ala Spruce Bark Straps


 Spruce Bark Straps  Spruce Bark Straps
Upper Left: California artisan home cheesemaker Andy could barely resist finishing his entire cheese before sending a photo. Upper Right: hooped, drained, heavy brining, wrapped with softened Spruce Straps. 

Spruce Bark Straps  Spruce Bark Straps
Left: three weeks after every other day brine washing. Right: four weeks after daily washings. Geo Candidum growth has been nearly eliminated, allowing B Linens to grow. Taste tested mild flavor with white paste. Another 10-15 days (or more) with daily washings until paste yellows and flavor intensifies. Straps are washed if needed to hold back blue mold.


Includes: 5 each 19" pieces of  French Spruce Bark Straps.   Use a rubber band or butcher twine to hold the strap onto the cheese.  

Cut off excess strap when using a smaller hoop. Each strap can be used once. 



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    Spruce bark rules!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2015

    Just wrapped my cam's in the spruce bark straps yesterday-they look great! Can't wait to try the cheeses for the flavor that they will impart! Easy to use, tied on with twine.