VEGAN Aged and Cultured Non-Dairy Cheesemaking Kit

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Make Aged Vegan Cheeses (Camembert/Gouda/Blue) with this kit!

About This Product


Vegan Aged & Cultured Non-Dairy Cheesemaking Kit

 These cheeses can take a few weeks to age before enjoying!


For making ‘ Vegan Cheese’ from non-dairy substrates such as

Cashews, Coconut Milk or other Plant Based Milks.  Ingredients in Kit are lactose / dairy free.


This Kit includes Step by Step instructions along with supplies and ingredients needed to make:

  • Camembert from Cashews
  • Gouda from Cashews and Coconut Yogurt
  • Blue Cheese - NOTE: the Blue Cheese Penicillium is OPTIONAL for this kit.

(You can make GREAT Vegan Blue Cheese with this kit- but we know some people love Blue Cheese and others do not; and so we make the Blue Cheese Penicillium an option)

These cheeses can take a few weeks to age before enjoying!


There are also recipes/instructions in the booklet for Fresh easy Vegan Cheeses, and 

 we offer a Vegan Cheese Kit for these easy/fast fresh plant based cheeses as well.

  Or, if you want to try both the Fast/Fresh recipes and the Aged Vegan Cheese recipes- we have a 

  Deluxe Vegan Aged-Fresh Combo Kit!


Your Kit Includes:

Kit contains

  • (1)       2 oz Package of Agar Agar (approx. 8 tablespoons / 24 teaspoons)
  • (1)        4 oz Package of Kosher Cheese Salt
  • (1)        AGING container with Draining Platform; you can age in your refrigerator
  • (2)        Springform Moulds 4” – ideal for forming these aged cheeses
  • (1)        Nut Bag / Draining Bag
  • (1)        Set of Mini Measuring Spoons 1/32nd tsp – ¼ tsp
  • (1)        Pack of 8 White 2 Ply Cheese Wrap for aging and storing cheeses


CULTURES and Ripening Molds: (store these in freezer upon arrival)

  • (1)        Packet of Mesophilic Starter Culture MSC (for all 3 cheeses)
  • (1)        Packet of Penicillium Candidum / Vegan Strain (for Camembert)
  • (1)        Packet of Geotrichum Candidum / Vegan Strain (for Camembert)


  • (1)        Bottle of Penicillium Roqueforti (Liquid Vegan) for Blue Cheese


Includes Instructional Booklet:

  • (1)        Booklet: ‘Plant Based Cheese Making Basics’ with info and recipes- this kit focuses on the AGED cheeses near the back of the booklet



Note: you may find you need a few more ‘standard’ pantry ingredients which are not in the kit; read each recipe before starting. ( i.e. Lemon Juice, Garlic Powder etc.) and you’ll want to have about a 12 oz – 1 quart glass / pyrex type bowl.

You’ll want parchment paper on hand to line your springform moulds (as per directions)


You’ll also want to read recipes ahead of time and make sure you have the right non-dairy substrate such as Coconut Milk, Cashews or Almonds.



BOOKS- OPTIONAL- more comprehensive Vegan Cheesemaking Books

  • Option to purchase at same time
    • ‘Artisan Vegan Cheese’ by Miyoko Schinner with many great recipes and tips and/or
    • 'This Cheese is Nuts!' by Julie Piatt offering many more vegan cheesemaking recipes and ideas


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