Water Kefir Grains- Natural, Dehydrated 10g packet w 10 pH strips

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About This Product

WATER Kefir is a fermented and cultured beverage where Water Kefir Grains ferment sugar water into a delicious and refreshing probiotic packed drink!

WATER KEFIR DEYHYDRATED NATURAL GRAINS;  10g Packet;  includes 10 pH strips , and instructions

Water Kefir Grains are actually small colonies made up of Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast: a SCOBY just like in Kombucha! These little guys turn your sugar water into Water Kefir packed with nutritional probiotics and amazing flavor.

Brewing Water Kefir is a two step process; and with de-hydrated grains there are actually 3 steps:

(note- use spring water or mineral water as the water kefir grains 'like' the minerals,  vs. using filtered water.  Chlorinated water may not be healthy for the

grains-  you can try your tap water after rehydrating the grains and making a couple of batches first as chlorine levels vary by location)

  1. Rehydrate your grains (store at room temp until you rehydrate them)
    • Use 3 cups of spring water or mineral water;  1/4 cup Sugar; and 1 tablespoon of Molasses 
    • Add to a 1 Quart or 1/2 Gallon jar and cover with a breathable cover 
    • Innoculate the sugar water with the Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains
    • Keep at 76-78F for 48 hours, not in direct sunlight
    • Strain off the liquid and the grains are now dehydrated and ready for a Primary Fermentation
  2. Primary Fermentation:
    • make a fresh batch of 3 cups filtered water and 1/4 cup sugar;  dissolve in the jar
    • add your rehydrated grains
    • cover with breathable cover, let stand at about 76-78F and not in direct sunlight
    • taste after 24 hours; it will still be sweet but will have started fermenting
    • the target to be 'done' is pH driven- you want the water kefir to be at a 3.5 pH
    • END of primary fermentation;  while you can drink the water kefir now- most do a secondary fermentation to add carbonation (and can add flavor here)
    • your primary water kefir will be rich in probiotics but will not have a lot of flavor or character yet
    • SAVE YOUR GRAINS separately for the next batch!
  3. Secondary Fermentation
    • FLAVOR:Bottle your water kefir- use a few tablespoons of fruit juice and/or spices and fill 12-16 oz bottles up the rest of the way with Water Kefir
    • CARBONATE; if you want 'fizzy' water kefir; use 'capped' bottles such as swing top bottles that seal.  Takes 1-5 days, depending on temperatures
      • if you want 'plain' fizzy water kefir;  use 1/2 tsp pure cane sugar instead of fruit juice 
    • Once carbonated to the level you like; store in refrigerator to cool and it's ready to drink!


Storing your rehydrated grains when not wanting to make Water Kefir (between batches for example):  do a 'rehydration brew' - after 'innoculate step' just put the jar in the refrigerator.

Repeat every couple of weeks until you are ready to 'brew' again!


Need a fine mesh strainer? 

We offer double mesh strainers which are perfect for both Water Kefir and Milk Kefir straining!  Kefir goes through and grains stay in the strainer-  CLICK HERE


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