WHOLESALE 5 PACKS LyoPro FOMAGE Vegan Cheese Culture 5 Packets


About This Product

LyoPro FOMAGE is a specially-designed LACTOSE FREE VEGAN starter culture for NON-DAIRY substrates such as Cashews, Almonds, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk.

Made in Italy, this is THE CULTURE to use for fermentation in Non-Dairy Cheese Making!

Hobbyist usage rate: use approximately 1/8 tsp. for 1-3 gal.(3.78l-19l) of substrate. 


 TO UseBring packet to room temp before using.  Rehydrate the FOMAGE you are using (usually 1/8 tsp) in a small amount of 

non-chlorinated water / non-alkaline water.  (about 1/8 cup water or so)

Stir into the substrate at a temp range of 100F - 109F and proceed with your recipe!


Size: 50 dose packet will make over 50 batches of Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese!


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