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Product Mesophilic Starter Series MM100-101Mesophilic Starter Series MA11-14-16-19Flora Danica-Mesophilic Starter
Image Mesophilic MM 101-100 SeriesMesophilic Culture Starter Series MA11-14-16-19Mesophilic Flora Danica Culture
Price $14.97$14.97$25.00 $18.97
Brand thecheesemakerN/AN/A
Availability N/AN/AN/A
Rating [17]
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Summary The mesophilic starter culture can be used to make homemade camembert, brie, blue cheese, mozzarella, chevre, feta, fromage blanc and other cheeses.  Refer to Spec Sheet for usage rates. (LL)...Acidify your milk to make your own camembert and brie cheese. Can also make cheddar, colby, montery jack, blue cheese, feta, chevre and other cheeses. This culture will add a milder flavor to you...Flora Danica mesophilic starter is great for making goats milk cheese, harvati, baby swiss, gouda, edan and blue cheese. You can even make homemade buttermilk, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese...
Other Short Description:
Make your own amembert, brie, blue, mozzarella, chevre, feta, fromage blanc using this mesophillic starter.

Short Description:
Make your own homemade camembert or brie cheese. This mesophilic starter is used to acidify milk and add flavor to camembert and brie cheeses.

Short Description:
Flora Danica is a mesophilic culture used to acidify milk and add a full, buttery, flavor to cheeses such as brie, blue and cream cheese!