Draining/Straining Bags for Cheese, Yogurt or Nut Milk

A great tool for draining Yogurt, Nut Milk and Soft Cheeses! Certified Food Grade.

About This Product

Nylon Draining Straining Bags !  Food Grade / Easy to Clean

If you're tired of using cheese cloth to drain or strain your curds, yogurt, Ricotta or other, you'll find our custom made Draining & Straining Bags easy to use and clean. A must for every cheesemaker. Strong and durable. These reusable bags are perfect for making cheese at home. Use these Draining/Straining Bags to replace traditional cheese cloth in the cheesemaking process. These reusable cheesecloth bags are easy to use as well as easy to clean. Whether you are straining your curds for Chevre, straining whey for ricotta, draining Greek yogurt or filtering out coffee grounds for cold brew coffee, these bags are essential for the domestic cheesemaker. 

Includes drawstring to cinch bag and hang for draining. these custom made bags made of food grade nylon are multi-use: straining whey for Ricotta, straining Chèvre curd, straining mascarpone, sour cream, Fromage Blanc and cream cheese. A sturdy drawstring allows you to easily hang and allow the cheese curds or whey to drain. Easily cleaned by rinsing with warm/hot water, then sanitize with dairy sanitizer.  and can be used over and over again. If you find regular cheese cloth a challenge, these bags are a great alternative. For easier use keep the seam on the outside when draining. Try one of each and decide which is best for your cheese making application.

Cleaning the cheese and yogurt strainer bag is simple, too. After each use, remove residue by soaking the bag in warm or hot water. Then sanitize the bag by rinsing in cold water with a food-grade dairy sanitizer to kill lingering bacteria or microbes that may still be present. 

The bags come in three sizes. See the sizing information below. Before committing to purchasing bags in bulk, try out each of the three sizes to get a sense of which bag works best for your particular operation and production needs. 

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Available for individual sale or in 10-bag bulk (see wholesale page)
  • Constructed of food grade polypropylene
  • 155 mesh size
  • Fabric approved by FDA for food
  • Shipping included in price in USA; international shipping available 

Besides draining curds, whey or yogurt these bags are excellent for using with producing cold brewed coffee. They will stand up well staining cold brewed coffee for commercial or domestic production. They're a very economical way for cold brewed coffee producers to produce excellent product. If you're doing herbal infusions and CBD infusions our bags are medical and food grade. 

Small size/ Nut Bag :  Fits over a 6 3/8 in.(16cm) wide(diameter) container. Food grade nylon with drawstring. 
Approximate straining capacity: up to 1 gal.(3.78l) milk batch. Note: you may be able to strain/drain more or less based on the water content of your curds or yogurt or Kefir.
Unopened width:   8.5 in. (21.5cm)
Unopened height: 12.0 in. (30.4cm)
Want 10 of these bags: Click here to purchase 10 at a Wholesale Price

Large Lighter Duty:  Fits over a 5 gallon(18.9 liters) bucket, 15 in.(36.8cm) wide(diameter) container. Food grade nylon with drawstring/boxed bottom. Made for lighter duty draining/straining applications.  
Approximate straining capacity: up to 7 gal.(19-30l) milk batch. Note: you may be able to strain/drain more or less based on the water content of your curds or yogurt or Kefir.
Unopened width:  21.5 in. (54.6cm)
Unopened height:   15 in. (38.1cm)

Large size heavy duty:  Fits over a 5 gallon(18.9 liters) bucket, 13.25 in.(36.8cm) wide(diameter) container. This bag is constructed of a heavy-duty high grade/strength food grade nylon. Made for heavy duty draining/straining applications.
Approximate straining capacity: up to 7 gal.(37.8l) milk batch. Note: you may be able to strain/drain more or less based on the water content of your curds or yogurt or Kefir.
Unopened width:  20 in. (50.8cm)
Unopened height: 15 in. (38.1cm)
Want 10 of these bags: Click here to purchase 10 at a Wholesale Price

Click here to see the FDA food grade fabric approval doc from the mfg for our Large Size Heavy Duty Bag. DO NOT WASH IN WASHING MACHINE.  HAND SOAK IN WARM/HOT WATER THEN RINSE IN COLD WATER USING ONE OF OUR FOOD GRADE NON RINSE SANITIZERS

Shipping included within the Continental USA.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    draining bags

    Posted by rick hemphill on 8th Jun 2023

    they work great just what we needed

  • 5
    Best, easy to clean mesh bags!

    Posted by Arjun Kanthety on 24th Mar 2021

    My mother was hesitant at first, since these bags are no made from her usual, cotton mueslin cloth. Yet, according to her, these are absolutely the best. Easy to clean and drains wonderfully. And the Cheese Maker’s customer service is superb. Thank you, Dan!

  • 5
    So much better than cheese cloth.

    Posted by Jason on 16th Feb 2021

    I purchased this to hang/drain kefir cheese and it works great. Much easier to use and easier to clean than cheese cloth. Well built and it feels like it will last a while.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Macario Chirinos on 15th Dec 2020

    100%, nice and good

  • 5
    Utensils to drain whey and Curds

    Posted by John Hartwig on 25th Nov 2020

    I used to dread the process of separating whey from the curds when making home made cheese. However, by using a combination of the whey pump, curd scoopers and draining bags; it is now a simple and quick process. I pump as much whey as possible from the curds with the whey pump, then scoop the curds into the draining bags with the curd scoopers, and hang the bags up and let them drain off the remaining whey for about 2 hours. It works very well!!!

  • 5
    Large Heavy Duty Draining Bags

    Posted by Shelley on 18th Aug 2020

    Sturdy and well-made enough to use in our commercial herbal extract business using a hydraulic press to extract from plant material.

  • 5
    Draining/Straining Bags

    Posted by Joann Osborne on 29th Jul 2020

    This my second set of bags in 10 years. The old ones are not finished but want spares for when they do go. Useful for all kinds of food grade tasks: jelly, jam, even use the largest bags as strainers in our apple fruit press when making cider. Still finding uses.

  • 5
    Draining Bag Rocks!

    Posted by Melody on 14th Jun 2020

    I recently started making my own yogurt for my family and I like it thick. This bag separates out the whey easily. It’s well made and rinses clean without any fuss.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2020

    Sturdy, resilient cheese bag that works like a charm. So glad we bought this. Excellent customer service as well. The Cheesemaker rocks!

  • 5
    Top-notch material

    Posted by Patricia H Masters on 3rd Sep 2019

    A very well made draining tool. Doesn't fray and so easy to wash. Great for making soft cheeses.

  • 5
    Mesh bags for draining / straining ehey from cheese curds

    Posted by kmf on 6th Aug 2019

    Mesh staining bags are very useful for draining whey from cheese curds. The bags are quick & easy to wash and dry, and then reuse. The curd is easily retained in the mesh bag while the whey is drained off. Thank you.

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2018

    It was easy to use and worked great!