Dutch Style Cheese Press - Hardwood

Hand Crafted in the USA A Great Press & Value !

About This Product


Great for pressing cheeses up to 100 lbs. this is a smaller version of our highly popular Pro Series Press

Also Check out our Pro Series Single Dutch Press  that will press up to 250 lbs  and come complete with drainage tray, insert and water weight.


This press accepts a wide variety of cheese moulds-  including mould up to 9" in diameter and up to 9.5" tall  in total height with any lid /follower.

Works with all sizes of our Tomme Hard Cheese Moulds with Lid/Followers including the Extra Large Tomme Mould. 


Easy to Assemble-

  • all hardware included (phillips screwdriver is all that is required)   
  • made from USA sourced hardwood
  • NO Plywood, Pressboard, or softer wood like Pine
  • Includes one water bottle weight with hanging hook; order additional bottles on our site  ( WATER WEIGHT BOTTLE )
  • Includes Custom Black Draining Tray and Insert which fits in the base; use with any type cheese mould

Press hard cheeses - up to 90 lbs pressing weight 

Small Footprint - does not take up as much room as many cheese presses:  Base is 20" x 9" 

Hang Water Bottle Weights (or other weights) from one or more handle slots to add pressure.

Slots are numbered '3', '4', and '4.5' -  multiple the weight on the slot X slot number. 

Example: 6 lbs weight from slot 4 = 24 lbs;   6 lbs weight on both slots 3 and 4 =    (6 x 3) + (6 x 4) = 42 lbs pressing weight



  • Black Draining Tray (see photos- fits our Dutch Cheese Press & also useful for soft cheese draining)  for cheese moulds with bottoms with Clear PolyPro Draining Tray insert- has small grooves to allow whey to drain while holding in curds (for bottomless moulds)  
  • One Water Bopttle Weight (6 lbs when full)
  • OPTIONAL Additional Water Bottle Weight-  these slim profile water bottles weigh 6 lbs full;  hang as many as 3 on this press  $9.97 ea

 WATER WEIGHT BOTTLE (1 included with press; additional available on our site) Collapsible 6 lb weight water bottle!   



Purchase Tomme Moulds (for any Hard Cheese- Cheddar, Gouda etc) at a reduced price when you buy our press. 

Small, Large or Extra Large Tomme Moulds include lids to press your cheese

Small Tomme Mould:  use with 1-2(3.78-7.56liters) gallons of milk.  Save $3 off regular price
Large Tomme Mould:  use with 2-4(7.56-15l) gal. of milk.                  Save $4 off regular price
Extra Large Tomme Mould:  use with 3-5.5(11.3-20.7l) gal. of milk.  Save $5 off regular price


Use Black Whey Drainage Tray (included) alone with Moulds that have bottoms;  use with grooved insert inside of tray when using bottomless moulds / hoops.

 Draining Tray with Insert




Proudly Designed by our Wisconsin Master Woodworker.

Something Special From Wisconsin

Shipping included within the Continental USA.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.