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Product Super Deluxe Kombucha Kit w OptionsKombucha (SCOBY)Mother Culture & pH Strips/Recipe
Image Super Deluxe Kombucha Kit with optional Heater BeltKombucha (SCOBY)Mother Culture & pH Strips/Recipe
Price $70.00 $55.97$28.00 $21.97
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Availability N/AN/A
Rating [5]
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Read Reviews
Summary "I used to be a gourmet soda junkie. Thanks to Sacha Laurin of KobuchaCouture.com who turned me on to great tasting Kombucha. I'm a changed man."-Steve Shapson Kombucha is fast becoming a ver... Our all natural organically grown Kombucha SCOBYS are gluten free and 100% Vegan. Each SCOBY is large and includes plenty of Starter Tea so your first batch of Kombucha ferments successfully in 5...
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