Stainless Utensil Set 4 Pieces

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Stainless Steel Curd Scoop, Five Piece Spoon Set, Curd Knife & Skimmer Package

About This Product

STAINLESS STEEL UTENSILS - 'Must Haves' for the Cheesemaker's kitchen!


These tools make home and artisan cheese making a bit easier.  Buy all four in this package and save.


Curd Knife:
Made of 304 stainless steel, our curd knife is strong, yet flexible enough to cut both horizontal and vertical cuts easily and cleanly.  Sturdy handle.  Cleans up nicely in hot water.  Sanitize with our non rinse food grade Sanitizer.
Blade length: 14in.(35.5cm)

Curd Scooper:
8 oz Scoop; Stainless Steel makes it easy to scoop out curds!

Convenient to use.  Long easy to reach handle. Stainless steel.
Skimmer width is 5 5/8in.(14cm).

Five Piece Spoon Set: 
Stainless steel and quite sturdy. These spoons are excellent for measuring those very small amounts of inoculants(cheese making ingredients).
Sizes: 1/64 tsp. (.077ml.),  1/32 tsp. (.154ml.),  1/16 tsp. (.308ml.),  1/8 tsp. (.616ml.),  1/4 tsp. (1.23ml.)


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