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Important Note: Rennets vary in their strength (ability to coagulate milk). Their ability to coagulate milk varies with the type of milk being used. To insure your milk coagulates property and in a timely manner, I suggest using calcium chloride, especially if you are using homogenized milk. Calcium Chloride will also insure you attain a clean break, proper coagulation and more yield. Mix the correct amount of rennet in a small amount of clean water before adding to the milk. Tablet and powder rennet can be mixed with a little clean water before adding to the milk. Store liquid rennet in refrigerator. Store powder and tablet rennet in the freezer.

Kosher Certifications: Click on each rennet to see Kosher certifications for ChyMax Extra rennet, Chymax M rennet. 
Repackaged Kosher Certification: Our repackaged products are certified Kosher by Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin, LLC.  Questions about our products, Kosher certs and/or repackaging Kosher certs can be addressed by contacting us.  
Click here to see our Kosher Certification for repackaging. Every Kosher certified product we sell will display the Kosher certified symbol. Products that are repackaged will display the Kosher certified logo from Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin, LLC.  Vegetarian Liquid Rennet(Microbial Coagulant) and Organic Vegetarian Liquid Rennet Kosher Cert is listed as Marzyme Liquid on the Cert.


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