Vegan Non Dairy

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of Non-Dairy cheeses!

Making Vegan cheeses has becoming quite popular. Cashews are the most popular product to use as it makes a nice Camembert or Brie cheese using Penicillium candidum HP-6 to create that soft white mold bloom. Cashews can be processed to be used to make Blue cheese using the Vegan Blue mold Penicillium Roqueforti PRB6 strain. Aside from these two very important inoculants, cultures from Danisco are also Vegan. We've listed all the cheese making ingredients that are Vegan so it's easy for you to start making tasty and delicious Vegan cheeses. The products on this page contain NO animal products as well as NO lactose(milk) sugar. Be wary of any suppliers offering so called Vegan cheese making inoculants that are repackaged, as you don't know what you're buying. We also carry moulds and hoops to shape your Vegan cheeses.

The CheeseMaker ensures that you use the absolute best vegan cheese making products and ingredients, so you know exactly what you're consuming, or giving to others.  Vegan cheese cultures are used to make cheese without the use of milk.  Whether you're sensitive to dairy, lactose intolerant, or you're looking for ways to be more health conscious, vegan cheese is the perfect way to incorporate creamy, delicious cheese into your diet!  Making dairy-free cheese is not just a fad, but a fun way to explore healthy cooking and the perfect addition to a cheese board that anyone can enjoy!