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Recipes for Making Cheeses, Yogurt, Kombucha, Kefir

I have made the following recipes many times, making improvements in the process. You may come up with a slightly different method or ingredients and get a great result. Cheese making is 90% craft and 10% science.  Don't be afraid of making small changes when you think it will improve your results.  - Steve Shapson, thecheesemaker.com


Note: Some recipes have a choice of lactic starter and rennet.  


See Mozzarella making the old fashioned Italian way at Caputo Brothers Creamery


Citric Acid Mozzarella(Lipase optional)>     Citric Acid Rennet Lipase


Ricotta>     Citric Acid


Cottage Cheese>     Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B,  Rennet


Hybrid Culture/Citric Acid Mozzarella>    Citric Acid  Thermophile Aroma B,  Flora Danica,  Rennet


Fresh Soft Creamy Mozzarella>     Thermophile Aroma B,  Flora Danica,  Rennet  


Feta in Brine>     Feta-Mesophilic MT1Mild Lipase,  Rennet


Cream Cheese>      Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B,  Rennet


Chèvre and Fromage Blanc>     Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B,  Rennet


Quark>     Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B,  Rennet


Crème Fraiche>     Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B


Sour Cream>     Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma B


Cheddar Cheese and Curds>     Mesophilic StarterRennet


Gouda>     KazuRennet


Washed Curd Stablized Paste Bloomy RindPenicillum Candidum,  Geotrichum CandidumRennet


Washed Rind Cheese ala Spruce Bark Straps>  Culture   B Linens 


Yogurt>     Yogurt Culture


Mascarpone>    Tartaric Acid


Buttermilk and Butter>     Flora Danica/Mesophile Aroma B


Kefir>   Fresh Kefir Grains,  Deluxe Kefir Making Kit


Kombucha>  Kombucha Mother(SCOBY),  Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit




Lactic foods made with Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma Type B Culture  


Brine Calculator  Cheese Salt with Salinometer(brine measuring tool)